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Pedals now discontinued


The Story Behind the pedal:

The journey of the Gladio began with a quest to replicate the soulful, expressive tones of Robben Ford. This pedal channels the essence of Ford’s signature sound in “Cannonball Shuffle,”

But the innovation didn’t stop there. The Gladio evolved to include another channel which is tailored to capture the creamy, fat tones reminiscent of Sonny Landreth’s “Elemental Journey.”

For three years from 2019 to 2022, Gladio put a mark in the boutique pedal world being used in recording studios, live concerts, and the homes of enthusiasts.

However, like all good stories, Gladio’s story also came to an end. In December 2022, after a production run where each unit was crafted with the same passion as the first, we decided to discontinue Gladio.

It was not a decision made lightly, but a necessary step to make room for new innovations, for new dreams to be realized.